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Application of modified corn meal in food

2018-11-01 13:48:42
Application of modified corn meal in food

Corn is one of the coarse grains we often eat. It is very popular in the world because of its rich nutrition, fast growth, high yield and stable storage. Nowadays, with the development of social economy and science and technology, the nutritional value of maize is gradually recognized by people, and various kinds of maize food are produced. Although the taste of corn flour is slightly worse than corn flour, and compared with the delicacy of wheat flour, corn flour is much rougher, but also has its unique flavor. It can also play an important role in food, and it is also more and more popular among people.

Nutrition in rice flour

Corn flour mill production lines can also be used to process other types of cereals, including coffee, beans, cocoa, sorghum, pepper and so on. The corn flour processing plant can be used for many cooking purposes. We can adjust machines or items according to your purpose or flour fineness requirements. The operation is simple and the machine is easy to maintain.

Corn flour is also called corn flour, and it is a powder that is dried after drying. Corn meal is mainly composed of microwave drying machine, protein, starch, fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, the nutritive value of corn meal is quite different from that of corn. The nutritional value of corn flour is quite high in cereals. The fat content per 100 grams of corn is about 30-40 grams. The nutritional components of corn flour are characterized by linoleic acid, glutatherol, lecithin, and some substances beneficial to the prevention and treatment of vascular sclerosis and the promotion of brain cell function. The protein content of corn is higher than that of milled rice flour, and the cellulose content is 4-10 times that of the latter. Therefore, corn can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. The content of carotene in corn is 5 times higher than that in soybeans. The calcium content of corn per gram is as high as 22 mg, which is rare in cereals.

Two, the efficacy of corn flour

Corn meal is the product of corn processing, often seen in life, it retains the natural nutrients of corn to the greatest extent, corn meal has great benefits to people's health. It is good for the health, spleen and stomach, and is very suitable for people with spleen deficiency. Modern nutrition also believes that corn flour contains a lot of nutrients.