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Study on extraction method of sunflower seed oil

2018-11-01 11:14:22

China is rich in sunflower seed resources, with an annual output of 1.25 million tons. According to the general kernel yield of 65%, kernel oil content of 40%, more than 300,000 tons of sunflower seed oil can be obtained. Sunflower seed oil is a kind of high quality edible oil with pure texture, bright color, light yellow transparent, delicious fragrance and no peculiar smell.

It contains about 80% unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid content as high as 61.53%, oleic acid content of 22.17%, is a good health function of edible oil.

Study on extraction method of sunflower seed oil

At present, sunflower seed oil is usually produced by mechanical pressing, which is a method of microwave sterilization equipment from traditional workshops. It is to apply physical pressure to separate the oil from the oil. Although the pressing method does not involve the addition of any chemical substances, the various components of the oil extracted remain relatively complete. But the drawback is that the low oil yield and low extraction rate bring some limitations to large-scale production and extension.

Introduction of sunflower oil press

Sunflower oil press is an advanced screw press. The automatic combined oil press

It is popular in today's edible oil manufacturing market.

Therefore, it is very important to study new extraction methods, especially extraction methods to improve the oil yield of sunflower seeds. Based on the above situation, the ultrasonic extraction method and Soxhlet extraction method were used to study the effects of various factors on the extraction rate of sunflower seed oil, so as to determine the best extraction conditions and improve the extraction rate of sunflower seed oil.

Thus, the extraction cost of sunflower seed oil can be reduced and the yield can be increased, which provides technical reference for large-scale industrial production of sunflower seed oil.