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Nutritional compounding of multi grain and nutritious corn flour

2018-11-01 09:47:18

Corn, as a food crop, is loved by the people in China and has been cultivated in large areas in the north and the south. The nutritional value of maize is very comprehensive. Maize contains protein, fat, amino acid, multi-vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. It also contains gluten and lecithin, which can reduce cholesterol, prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and delay the degeneration of brain function.

But maize lacks lysine, tryptophan, isoleucine, B vitamins and nutrients, which lead to low physiological value of maize. Therefore, corn as the main raw material of food needs to supplement nutrients, so that the content of various nutrients has been improved to improve the edible value of corn.

Nutritional compounding of multi grain and nutritious corn flour

Maize was used as the main raw material, soybean protein powder, millet, black soybean and buckwheat were added to the microwave heating machine. The nutritional value of maize flour was improved by the complementary effect of nutrients between grains according to the dietary guidelines and food nutrition index of Chinese residents. Soybean protein meal contains up to 65% protein, which can meet the human body's needs for protein and various amino acids; millet protein, fat, vitamin B1, B2 content are higher than corn, its amino acid composition is also the closest to human body.

Corn flour mill production lines can also be used to process other types of cereals, including coffee, beans, cocoa, sorghum, pepper and so on. The corn flour processing plant can be used for many cooking purposes. We can adjust machines or items according to your purpose or flour fineness requirements. The operation is simple and the machine is easy to maintain.

Conclusion: Adding soybean protein meal, black soybean meal, millet meal and buckwheat meal to corn meal can increase the nutrient content of corn meal, increase the nutrient value of corn meal, make the nutrient content meet the recommended intake requirements of Chinese dietary guidelines and meet the human body's needs. Nutrient requirements.